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Why .COM and .NET Equals Stability

Why .COM and .NET Equals Stability

.COM and .NET domains from FYNE Domains - Powered by VeriSign

You may have heard things are about to resemble the wild, wild west in the domain world. A massive new launch of domain extensions (called TLDs or Top-Level Domains) will no doubt cause confusion on which domain type you should register. But there’s one thing that isn’t confusing to your customer when seeking you out online: the simplicity and trust that comes with finding you at a .com and .net.

Take the next right step in growing your business. Join the millions of businesses that have found success on a .com and .net, powered by VeriSign and managed with FYNE Domains.

Why? Simple.

  1. Be authentic by aligning your business with a .com or .net domain that is widely recognized with a domain that has been connecting businesses and customers online with 100% reliability for over 15 years.
  2. Be recognizable by choosing the name you really want on a best-in-class domain.

.com and .net instinctively mean business. .com is the standard for doing business online and .net is right behind. Give your business the recognition that comes along with a .com or .net to help connect with new customers and partners.

.com and .net mean credibility. Your name says a lot about your business so why associate it with a less credible domain? Customers know .com and .net, and that’s why every Fortune 500 company and the world’s 100 fastest-growing companies have a .com and almost that many have a .net. Align yourself with the domains more businesses rely on to grow online.

.com and .net mean confidence. Every business can benefit from an online identity customers know and trust. Thanks to over 15 years of reliability, security and availability, .com and .net enable you and your customers to confidently connect online.

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Get on Facebook with JEAH

It’s been called many things. You may have heard terms like FACEBOOK PROFILE or FAN PAGE or LIKE PAGE or BUSINESS PAGE.Facebook Like Thumb - JEAH Communications LLC

Your business’ Facebook page needs to be captivating and professional. JEAH custom designs and builds your Facebook page to fit your business needs and increase your sales. We get all of the necessary information from you and take it from there. JEAH creates everything, including designing high-quality pictures and graphics for your page’s header, profile pic, and timeline sections.

If that sounds like a foreign language to you, it’s okay. We speak “normal person” at JEAH and translate it accordingly to make your Facebook page unique and impressive to current and prospective customers. Once we have the core sections of your Facebook page developed, we will handle publishing your content and the initial status updates and messages to your fans. When a new visitor first sees your Facebook page it will look established and well composed.

Put JEAH’s decades of web knowledge combined with our wealth of social media experience to work for your company. Your Facebook page will look like a mini website with all the features and options custom fit for your business. Some of our clients actually use a professionally created Facebook page in lieu of a full web site due to budget constraints, and they see fantastic results.

Facebook was first developed only for people to connect with other people. After awhile smart business owners signed up for profiles and promoted their companies to other people they knew on Facebook. As time progressed, businesses began creating separate profiles on Facebook even though profiles were supposed to only be for people.

Being a business owner and having a personal profile page just isn’t enough, and a business pretending to be a person on Facebook didn’t make sense. In fact, Facebook discourages businesses setting up personal profiles. In response to the expanding social media phenomenom, Facebook caught on and created the Fan Page. Companies could now have a Fan Page which was specifically designed with popular personalities and businesses in mind. And Facebook profile holders (people) could become a fan of your brand. For a reason only known to Facebook executives, the fan page was renamed a like page. Instead of becoming a fan, people now can like your page.

By whatever name you prefer to call it, your new Facebook Page, created by JEAH, will be uniquely designed for your business, brand, company, products or your celebrity. Instead of a personal profile, technically reserved for people and having a maximum of only 5,000 friends allowed, your new Facebook business page has no cap. An unlimited amount of likes are possible and every time someone likes your page, that like is published before the eyes of that person’s network of friends. This usually results in many of their friends liking your page too. Think of the huge reach your new Facebook page from JEAH can have!

While your ‘like’ count provides swagger, what you really want is a page that people find interesting enough to keep coming back. The more interaction people have with your page, the stronger connection they feel to your brand, and the more concrete their loyalty to your business becomes.