We’re told it’s a shock to hear a large business–a technology business even–can be operated with the mentality of your favorite mom and pop store. For example, customer care isn’t read from a manual. If you talk to Chris, his name is actually Chris. Our people accept responsibility and are happy to answer your calls and e-mail. Without a positive experience, paying someone for service is just wasted money.

Every so often a client emails an unsolicited testimonial. They come from the new and the old. Here are some words from those great clients. Testimonials - JEAH Communications, LLC

On JEAH shell accounts

► JEAH is reliable. My bots have been here 7 years now. Thanks for always answering my questions quickly and politely.

► eggdrop installed quickly and without error. They have a pre-compiled eggdrop menu that allows you to choose from some of the older versions of eggdrop all the way to the most current. All you have to do is configure it for your specific needs, and of course add any special scripts or TCLs you require. JEAH’s server specs are impressive, and support is definitely above average, but their real strong point is in the vhosts. JEAH, by far, has the best vhosts. They’re very short, very hip, and very clever. The entire list utilizes hundreds of different domains.

► Stable, fast IRC services. Critical to my eggies on the rough and ready EFnet.

► I made the mistake of switching to a cheaper shell company. I was back after less than a month. JEAH waived the setup fee. I didn’t even ask.

► JEAH’s […] vhosts are short, clever, and utilize their bank of hundreds of domain names. Their customer service is also top-notch (a rarity) – you can always get in touch with the owner.. no matter what the time and what the need.

► Set up my shell the way I wanted even installed ZNC when it wasnt technically supported. Reasonable price and good people working there. I am pleased.

► im a jeah customer since 2000. awesome vhosts, fast box with all the tools i need, prices that havent gone up in 8 years. chris treats you like you’re his only customer. no call centers, no templated email responses or forced faq reading. true care.

On JEAH web hosting

► For me, JEAH is beautifully uncomplicated UNIX web hosting going on almost 10 years. Plain and simple, like it should be.

► Where else can you CALL the owner of the company? Chris is always there to help with those odd problems happen at those odd times of the night. He’s constantly gone above and beyond.

► Jeah is one of the few left ‘old school’ shell providers that does web hosting + unix shells in a single package. You can get one on one interaction with the owner and that’s a rarity these days. Their prices might not be the lowest around but with the recent price cuts theyve made theyre going to give you more bang for your buck.

► We use them for business web hosting. We used Go-Daddy before them. But my son told us to use Jeah for our company because he had been using them for shell access(?) for many years. We have been pleased so far.

► I’ve been w/ jeah since 2001. In fact this month is my anniversary. I first chose them because they were located in Wi and I prefer to do business with local companies. I have never had a problem with their prices for shell accounts and I even have one of the more premium levels of service. They take the money from my debit card every month and that’s it. I’m used to it. Unfortunately my wife lost her job of 30 years and we went from a 2 income household to 1. Unemployment barely covers the time it takes to walk to the bank and cash the check. Anyway we are cutting back so I wrote Chris and let them know I have to cancel my shell account for awhile because of finances and I explained why. He wrote back sincerely and asked if 3 months free service would help. Of course it would. I have to tell you that no one else cares about their customers like jeah. For what? The $20 a month I pay them? Yet the cell phone company treats me like a low life when I ask them for an extra week to pay? That’s my story. Keep it in mind. And thank you to jeah for making me feel valued.

► I love having my site’s hosting and BNC at the same company without worries of downtime! Second to none.

► When ever I have an issue [with my web hosting] JEAH Support responds within minutes. It is really almost too good. You can tell they really care about their customers being happy.

On JEAH web creation and internet marketing

► Someone with my same name was leading the search engine results. You could not see MY web site unless you clicked to the fifth page. JEAH’s SEO put me four pages higher for hundreds less than competitors’ quotes!

► Thanks to JEAH for helping our business understand many years ago that we needed to have a web site. JEAH has also kept us up to date with all the latest goings on in the tech world that apply to our business type, like social media and location-based social networking. This helps us stay competitive and in fact stand out among our industry peers!

► JEAH moved all of my WordPress web sites from my old provider to my new account with them, and even updated my plugins. I was worried it was going to be a painful switch and it was care-free.