Donald Trump to Jeb Bush on Cybersquatting: “should’ve spent the $20*”

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The latest case of cybersquatting involves a domain registration misstep by Jeb Bush. The Republican presidential candidate and former governor of Florida forgot to secure The domain name was scooped up by a supporter of fellow GOP candidate and businessman, Donald Trump. Typing in forwards visitors to, the Trump Campaign’s official URL.

Digging Deeper

Though WHOIS Privacy (which masks ownership details) is enabled on, the domain’s name servers match those of Trump’s spokeswoman, Hope Hicks, said that “the (Trump) campaign is not involved”, but called the situation a missed opportunity that highlights Bush’s unpreparedness to be president.

Show Me the Money was first listed for sale in April for $250,000. It’s worth mentioning Bush raised over $100 million for his campaign and Super PAC, a fact that was announced with much fanfare. No one wants to pay a cybersquatter a quarter of a million dollars, but that was likely a negotiation tactic to raise a potential “meet in the middle” settlement.

Additional Cybersquatting Infractions

Not to be outdone, is an anti-Bush, pro-LGBTQ blog run by a gay couple, and is an anti-Bush website calling him a radical socialist liberal. “Oops.”

Bush’s official web site is

Not Alone

This type of political domain squatting or cybersquatting is nothing new. We’ve written about other politicians making similar mistakes. Another 2016 hopeful, Senator Ted Cruz (R-Texas), was victim, too. is owned by an immigration reform advocate who uses the domain name to support President Obama.

Jeb Bush must be thankful for one thing: could have been turned into a web site that’s NSFW (not safe for work).

*Oh, and a .com is only $14 from FYNE.

Donald Trump to Jeb Bush on Cybersquatting: “should’ve spent the $20*”
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