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There’s an overpriced web design firm that has really annoying radio commercials in Milwaukee. They talk about “measurable results called profits” and make fun of the Yellow Pages. Actually it’s pretty clever, we should say. Here’s the thing — we’re so good at what we do that we don’t need to blow your money on radio ads, and we don’t need to mark our services up by thousands.

JEAH realizes your need to have a presence on this world wide interweb. We’ll create a web site that suits your specific needs. It could be a one-page “brochure” with hours of operation and contact information, or a full e-commerce site including a 300-page shopping cart.

Starting at just a $250 flat fee. WHAT? $250? But how will you afford your Armani suits and ceiling to carpet windowed 40th floor downtown office suite?

We created some key packages to address many different scenarios. Check them out in the drop-down, but don’t feel like you have to color inside the lines. JEAH specializes in thinking outside the box. We’re all about custom, so if that’s going to be a better fit for your project that’s fine with us.

We’ve done it before, or have done something similar that earned us the skills to “get” your angle. You don’t pay us to learn how to do what you require us to do. Does that make sense?

Once we know the scope of your plan we can provide you with some recent JEAH web developments that should spark interest and inspiration. We have an extensive portfolio. We’ve provided diversified services for over 2,000 happy clients. For privacy reasons, we don’t make all of our clients’ work available to the general public. The way we see it, at the end of the day it’s your brand, and who you hire as a vendor or partner should keep your project available only upon an approved request. There are also several dozen JEAH Case Studies here.

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