Why .COM and .NET Equals Stability

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You may have heard things are about to resemble the wild, wild west in the domain world. A massive new launch of domain extensions (called TLDs or Top-Level Domains) will no doubt cause confusion on which domain type you should register. But there’s one thing that isn’t confusing to your customer when seeking you out online: the simplicity and trust that comes with finding you at a .com and .net.

Take the next right step in growing your business. Join the millions of businesses that have found success on a .com and .net, powered by VeriSign and managed with FYNE Domains.

Why? Simple.

  1. Be authentic by aligning your business with a .com or .net domain that is widely recognized with a domain that has been connecting businesses and customers online with 100% reliability for over 15 years.
  2. Be recognizable by choosing the name you really want on a best-in-class domain.

.com and .net instinctively mean business. .com is the standard for doing business online and .net is right behind. Give your business the recognition that comes along with a .com or .net to help connect with new customers and partners.

.com and .net mean credibility. Your name says a lot about your business so why associate it with a less credible domain? Customers know .com and .net, and that’s why every Fortune 500 company and the world’s 100 fastest-growing companies have a .com and almost that many have a .net. Align yourself with the domains more businesses rely on to grow online.

.com and .net mean confidence. Every business can benefit from an online identity customers know and trust. Thanks to over 15 years of reliability, security and availability, .com and .net enable you and your customers to confidently connect online.

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Why .COM and .NET Equals Stability