The JEAH Story

JEAH® was launched in 1997 as a very targeted web hosting and UNIX shell account provider. Over the next several years, we became known for abnormally responsive customer service, reliable servers and networks, and creative vhost domains in the hundreds for shell users. Around 1999, we finally met the request of our customers to sell JEAH® branded clothing and personal items. It was about this time that JEAH® began offering dial-up internet access and web site design.

Through the early 2000’s, we were one of the few companies that survived the burst of the dot com bubble, which we think spoke volumes to our corporate structure and reputation in the industry. JEAH® expanded web design to include the whole creative experience involved in launching or relaunching a web brand. Those web development services brought a renewed focus on JEAH®’s email hosting.

As broadband availability and use grew nationwide and internationally, we chose to work JEAH®’s dial-up ISP services into our sister company, FYNE®, which had already been gaining recognition as a simple and intuitive domain name registration provider.

JEAH® acquired several smaller shell account and web hosting providers between then and 2010.

The early 2010’s brought our all-in-one creative packages, offering successful and useful web sites, targeted search engine and content network placement, and instruction on–or management of–free social media and social media advertising. The result: really unique brands let the public know how great they are. These services are also available a la carte.

We’re now in 2016 and JEAH® has never been stronger or more inspired. We are one of a handful of businesses that has, for the most part, kept selling the core services our existing and new customers desire, while not being afraid to innovate and engage the latest “in” technology. We think this showcases our stability and flexibility–also two features that make a great athlete.

Here are two examples of how we run that marathon:

JEAH® is here for a college alumnus whose university is phasing out shell account access on its servers, who wants to keep reading email with pine. Not only do we already have the programs of which you are so familiar, but we can transfer all your old email and files to your new JEAH® account before your school shuts down.

JEAH® is ready to re-brand your web site from the ground up, designing the new logo and color palette, expressing how you envision the user experience, loading content from your current site, and implementing a robust content management system through JEAH® web hosting. WordPress, Joomla, Wiki or Drupal, your team will keep your visitors informed. We can then draft and distribute press releases and use white hat search engine optimization techniques so the world knows they need to visit your site. Going beyond ‘viral,’ we can work with you to develop strategic social media campaigns that land you free earned media. JEAH® can facilitate relationships with advertisers who make your site a profitable endeavor.

So let’s see how we can help you win. Please email or message us today!